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No matter what kind of spa you're looking for, we've got the one for you! Our Hot Spring lines offer a huge variety of spas . . . everything from the small 2 person Hot Spot TX (only 324 lbs, dry) to the giant, party-sized Grandee! Drop by one of our showrooms to see for yourself ~ we've got the spa for you!

The Highest Quality!

Our Hot Spring Spas are rated the highest in the industry. These aren't the spas you'll find at your local discount or "box" stores. Our customers enjoy their spas for years & years. We have customers with 20+ year old spas still in great working order! In fact, many of our customers take their spas with them when they move! SunLife has been specializing in Hot Spring Spas longer than many other spa companies have been around. We've carried other brands & found that there's no comparison to our Hot Spring Spas, they're #1 when it comes to quality.

Get The Tub You Want!

The Hot Spring brand consists of 3 different lines of tubs: Hot Spring, Hot Spot, and the New Limelight Series. Everyone's looking for something different, whether it's something for the whole family, or for some therapeutic time alone. Choose your colors & options, and let our Spa Specialists help you with the rest! We have spas to fit every need. Come see what we can do for you!

Free On-Site Consultation

Trouble deciding where to put your spa? Which one will look best? Call our Spa Specialists to meet you at your home to help you decide!

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What Our Customers
Have To Say:

"..We have had no maintenance issues & the spa is incredibly easy to maintain. I talk to people that have other spa brands and I'm glad I have a Tiger River.."


Did You Know?

Watkins, the maker of SunLife's spa brands, is the only spa manufacturer to have one of its spas named a Best Buy each of the six times Consumers Digest has rated spas, most recently the Aria™ spa.

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